10th Annual ABCs of Gratitude 2019

I cannot be in this breathtaking scene and be unhappy. Omni Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC

In 2010, I created my first ABCs of Gratitude list.  I look forward to this project every November. The simple yet thought-provoking exercise is a unique way to reflect on the year. I label a sheet of paper A through Z and  fill in with blessings.

According to Ingrid King gratitude is a wonderful way to raise your vibration and shift your energy. The vibration of gratitude is a powerful force. It can shift your mood and your thoughts from a place of scarcity to a place of abundance. Wayne Dyer believed that if you get to a place of gratitude you will experience peace. Be in a state of gratitude for everything because there is something to learn in everything. Be grateful even for the pain because there are lessons to be learned.

In keeping with my annual Thanksgiving month tradition, my 2019  blessings are listed below. I always compare my list to prior years. Some years have more peaks, and other years have more valleys. But, I always find 26 blessings.

My ABCs of Gratitude for 2019

Auction…Midwest country the best

Biltmore Estate…tea and 63 Christmas trees


Crossnore…sponsor 7 children at Crossnore School & Children’s Home

DAR…school committee state award

Exercise…Parkinson’s meds

Friends…long leisurely lunch visits

Grove Park Inn…stay in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Room

Heaven Sent Anthology…Rose and the Six Kittens

Book Cover

Interview…Davis Phinney Parkinson’s Ambassador

July… Missouri Vacation

Kice…summer visit with my 7th & 8th grade teacher

Teacher and Student

Love…of family, friends and Joe

Micanopy…historic Florida “antiques” town

Nine-Years-Old…birthday siblings



Okun MD…movement disorder specialist

Pink Boxing Gloves…KitKat is my name

Wanna Fight?

Quiet Time…read, reflect, rest

Rock Steady Boxing…trainer Shanda

Sixty-Nine…birthday party at Teapots & Treasures

A specialty–Orange Cake

Tent House…termites be gone

University of FL…movement disorder center of excellence

Victoria Vacation…sister Donna

The Two Sisters

Writing…profiling creative people with Parkinson’s

Artist Michele Keir-Rhode Island

X-rays…Dr. Cohn

Yoga Class…balance benefit

Zone Out…when being creative

What are  you thankful for today and for this year?


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