Where’s the Ground Turkey?

I think the next best thing to solving a problem is finding some humor in it. ~ Frank A. Clark


I am eating breakfast at the dining table. Glancing into the kitchen, I notice the stack of cans.

“Did you put the ground turkey in the freezer or refrigerator yesterday,” I call out to Joe.

“What made you think of that?”

“I am going to make turkey chili today and just planning ahead.”

“Well, I thought you were handling the chili.”

“I took the cans of tomatoes, sauce and beans out of the grocery bag yesterday.  I did not unpack the turkey.”

I hear the freezer door open and close a few seconds later. Then Joe rummages through the refrigerator drawers. He does not find the turkey. I go to the kitchen.

“Maybe it was left at the store. Sometimes the cashier puts meat in plastic and sets aside and no one sees it,” I suggest.

Joe had packed the two bags of groceries. “Lesson learned. Have to pay attention every moment!” he says in exasperation. He turns his attention to the pantry and scans the shelves. I am quiet. But anything is possible—especially in this household! My housekeeper told me she once left Windex inside a client’s refrigerator. They called her, wondering why?

“Maybe I put it in the wrong cart.” I speculate. “But you were right behind me with the cart while I selected the turkey. Then we went to seafood counter next. The receipt will tell us.”

Joe retrieves the receipt. The ground turkey made it to the cashier, $4.95.

“Not the first time this has ever happened. Publix won’t give you a hard time. Hey this is a don’t sweat the small stuff moment!”

But I know he will go to the store immediately. He is aggravated with himself. I open the refrigerator door. The ground turkey package is on top of a carton of eggs. Joe returns to the kitchen in disbelief! We chuckle that it took the two of us to find the turkey.

“Someday, they will take us away together!” I burst out laughing.



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