14th Annual ABCs of Gratitude 2023


A Knight to Remember

2017 Fundraiser SCC Athletic Department         Left brother Larry, me, Coach Knight, brother Steve

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls sing.” ~~Marcel Proust

My ABCs of Gratitude for 2023

In keeping with my tradition, here is my gratitude list for 2023. I enjoy the challenge of working with ABCs. But you could use the word Thanksgiving or the initials of your name. Some years I notice a theme. This year nineteen of twenty-six blessings are people ranging from family, friends, relatives, doctors, colleagues, and feline friends.  The list reminds me how important my interactions and relationships are.

Alison and Eleanor…West Palm Beach friends come to visit

Brain Surgery…right and left electrodes powered up

Chand…movement disorder specialist

Donna…best sister ever

eBay customers… love to hear about their collections

Fur Babies…5 of 6 siblings celebrated 13th birthday

Groh…my 91-year-old aunt and cousins visit

Hobby…new pastime designing tablescapes

Interview…Tatianna interview republished by T.J. Banks

Joe…my gem

Knight…saddened legendary Coach Knight is gone, but blessed I met him in 2017

Larry…best brother who taught me devotion and unselfish love

Michelle…dear friend and Northwood University virtual colleague

Neck Dystonia…good-by, thank you DBS

Orange cat…a blessing, I loved you to the moon and back

Personal Assistant…Laurie extraordinary helper

Quiet…17th floor home only has one other tenant

Rose…angel earth kitty who is brave and resilient

Steve…other best brother and the best cat dad ever

Tuttle…person who hired me at Northwood University

University…retired from Northwood with 35 years of service

Vienna Boys Choir…Attend concert at St. Louis Cathedral

Writing… winning 1st for nonfiction entry–Rose and Her Six Kittens

Xadago… Parkinson’s med that keeps me moving

Yams…Thanksgiving menu favorite

Zen…have fleeting moments for which I am blessed

What are you thankful for in 2023?







  1. Good to hear from you again!

    1. Hi Bernadette, It is good to be writing again. Blessings, Linda

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