Happy Valentine’s Day

We’d make a “Purr”fect Pair

My collection of “cat stuff” includes new and vintage valentines. This die cut valentine is from the 1960s. It folds and stands up.  The back shows Gladys gave the valentine to Mary Ellen. It may have been given at a school valentine party. Remember those!

This week I passed out valentines to health care workers when I had a doctor’s appointment. I gave my doctor a recycled valentine from the 1930s; a classmate had given it to my uncle over 90 years ago.  Another day I gave valentines to employees at my residence. Reactions ranged from “this is the only valentine I will get” to “I want to show this to my wife.” Some people were shocked. Others were intrigued with a recycled card. Conversations turned to memories of their school parties. I had fun celebrating Valentine’s Day.



    • Carol Graves on February 20, 2024 at 10:52 pm
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    Linda, What a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

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