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Parkinson’s Differs in Gender

If you’ve seen one person with Parkinson’s, you’ve seen one person with Parkinson’s.  A recent literature review by Italian scientists was published in the Journal of Parkinson’s Disease, July 2019, describing how Parkinson’s disease affects men and women differently. PD is a slowly progressive disorder that affects movement, muscle control and balance. It is the …

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Parkinson’s Deception or Dog?

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Hallucinations: deceptions or tricks played by the brain that involve the body’s senses of seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling and smelling. Visual hallucinations are the most common type that occurs with Parkinson’s. They are either formed or unformed. An example of a formed image is a deceased, historical, fictional or living person sitting on the couch …

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Termites, Parkinson’s and Executive Function

It’s always something. ~Gilda Radner Termites are big headaches in Florida. As a general rule, termite season is in springtime, when the weather warms up enough for termites to “swarm”. They emerge from their mature colonies in the hundreds or thousands to establish new termite colonies. When they do, it is one of the few …

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Can You Read My Tiny Handwriting?

How is it possible I did not notice my tiny handwriting? That is, until one day in 2012 I tried to write big. When a colleague was running late, she asked me to write a note on the chalk board so students would wait for her. I was shocked when I discovered I could not …

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3-Year Timeline of Parkinson’s Signs

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. Soren Kierkegaard Danish philosopher (1813 – 1855) I embarked on a circuitous route for three years headed for an unknown destination. Only later would I understand a myriad of Parkinson’s signs. March 2011 A four-hour drive to a book  fair left me struggling …

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