Category: Poetry

Country Living Blessings

The inspiration for this poem is my beloved family homestead in Missouri.  I can see,  hear, and smell these sensory delights as I walk the land. I just returned from vacationing there for three weeks. Oh, the healing power of nature! Country Living Blessings Swaying amber wheat, Expansive spaces, Fresh cut red clover— Balm for …

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Parkinson’s Awareness and National Poetry Month Connection

  April is Parkinson’s Awareness month focused on spreading the word, educating yourself and supporting the cure. Five years ago what I knew about Parkinson’s amounted to very little. I equated the disease with tremors and knew about Mohammed Ali, Michael J. Fox and Janet Reno. However, when I was diagnosed with PD in 2014, …

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Orange Tabby Cat Inspired Haiku

Snow blanket magic Tabby cat exploration Surprising sink holes Photo and Poem by Linda A. Mohr Originally Published in Winter laJoie 2017 Blessings! Linda

Cat Photograph Inspired Haiku

  Fall foliage ablaze Calico cat camouflage Oak leaf feather bed   Photo and Poem by Linda A. Mohr Originally Published in Fall laJoie 2016 Blessings! Linda