9th Annual ABCs of Gratitude 2018

Missouri Cotton Candy Sunset

If you only say one prayer in a day, make it ‘Thank You’Rumi

I  cannot be in gratitude and be unhappy.

In 2010, I created my first ABCs of Gratitude list.  I now look forward to this project every November. The simple yet thought-provoking exercise is a unique way to reflect on the year. Grab a sheet of paper and label it A through Z. Fill in with your blessings. If you get stuck on a letter, a dictionary is permitted!

Wayne Dyer believed that if you get to a place of gratitude you will experience peace. Be in a state of gratitude for everything because there is something to learn in everything. Be grateful even for the pain because there are lessons to be learned from it. According to Ingrid King gratitude is a wonderful way to raise your vibration and shift your energy. The vibration of gratitude is a powerful force. It can shift your mood and your thoughts from a place of scarcity to a place of abundance.

In keeping with my annual Thanksgiving month tradition, my 2018 ABCs of Gratitude list is listed below. I find it interesting to compare my list to prior years. Looking back, some years had more ups, and other years had more downs. But in the end, I always found 26 blessings. This year is no different. Most of my days have ended with awe inspiring sunsets such as the one taken from my brother’s backyard deck in the country.

My ABCs of Gratitude for 2018

Angels on Duty Anthology…Angel by My Side poem

Angels on Duty

Board Director…DAR Seminole Chapter

Creative Genius Anthology…My Parkinson’s Muse essay

Creative Genius

Dineen…stress buster housekeeper

eBay Seller Plus…1000+ reviews

Fennelly State Poet Laureate…workshop leader

God…providing healing and hope for Judy

Highland Park Anthology…Power Struggle poem

Highland Park Anthology

Invigorate…Dr. Sarah King Parkinson’s exercises

Joe…my love, my rock, my partner

Kitties’ 8th Birthday…Grace, Chauncey, Rosebud, Tigger, Boots, Angus

6 Kitties, 4 weeks old

All Grown Up! Rosebud, Angus, Boots & Tigger

More Grown Ups! Grace & Chauncey

Lake Yellowstone Hotel…mountains and lake room view

Peacefulness–What a View!

Marsha at Perry Consulting…PD website diva

Nieto…compassionate doctor

Okun…internationally known movement disorder specialist

Parkinson’s My Way…website and blog launch

Quietude…meditative nature walks

Lane to Family House

Reunion…50 year high school class ‘68

School Teacher Mrs. Kice…special visit

June Kice. my 7th & 8th Grade Teacher

Ten Year Anniversary…member Daughters of the American Revolution

Uncles (great) Carl and Rupert…honor sacrifice 100 year WW

Honoring Rupert’s place of death Naix, France

Vinnie Ream Award Finalist…Voice Within poetry collection

Wood Stairs…Nic’s skillful renovation

X-rays…caring Active Health Center 

Yellowstone National Park…trip with Joe for memory bank

pastel stone, water

Yellowstone Canyon

Zeal for Exercise…keeping Parkinson’s at bay

What are you thankful for today and for this year?



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