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My Self-Care Plan for Flu Season

Why I Get a Flu Shot Getting a flu shot is part of my self-care plan. The most at risk for serious flu complications are young children, pregnant women, adults over 65 and those with chronic medical conditions. Since I fall in two of these categories, the vaccine is important to me as any stress …

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Termites, Parkinson’s and Executive Function

It’s always something. ~Gilda Radner Termites are big headaches in Florida. As a general rule, termite season is in springtime, when the weather warms up enough for termites to “swarm”. They emerge from their mature colonies in the hundreds or thousands to establish new termite colonies. When they do, it is one of the few …

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Robin Morgan Parkinson’s Poems

  When poet Robin Morgan found herself facing Parkinson’s disease, she distilled her experiences into these four quietly powerful poems — meditating on age, loss, and the simple power of noticing.  This Ted Talks presentation has over one millions views. My favorite is This Dark Hour at the 9:25 mark.  Here are a few of …

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To Be Sassy or Safe

black boots heels

When the temperature in Florida drops below 75 degrees, this boot lovin’ gal dreams of wearing her high heeled sassy boots! I stand in my closet and reminisce. Did I really wear these boots to work all day and then continue to teach a four-hour night class? Well, indeed I did! But that was pre-Parkinson’s …

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