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How intimately can a human being really know her pet? In this candid memoir, Linda A. Mohr shares her remarkable relationship with her affectionate and caring Siamese mix named Tatianna.

A playful and joyful feline, Tatianna brings a spark of life to her human companion’s home and teaches her owner more about love and devotion than Linda could have ever imagined. It does not matter if her hair is unkempt, her spirits depressed, and her face a fright, Tatianna is always there, blue eyes focused, content to sit and purr on her lap, her soft fur stroked by loving human hands.

But when her beloved Tatianna becomes ill, Linda’s heart aches. A battle ensues to save her pet’s life, a battle they fight together but eventually lose. The bond between them grows even stronger, nurturing a deeper communication, one beyond human understanding. Linda candidly describes how she grieves for her feline companion but even now feels connected to the faithful Tatianna who has never really left her side. She is simply in another dimension.

Filled with the unconditional love between pet and owner, Tatianna is a must-read for anyone who has ever loved and lost a special animal friend.

Tatianna Awards

Tatianna has won awards in diverse categories including memoir, animal/pet, inspiration, spirituality, and cover graphics. Book honors include the 2008 Merial Human-Animal Bond Award, Reader Views and Reviewers Choice Award, Indie Excellence Finalist Book Award, Best Books USA Book News Award Finalist, Beach Book Festival Award and Cat Writers’ Muse Medallion Award for Drew Strouble’s Graphics.

Tatianna Praise

This is one of the most moving and heartfelt books about the bond between a cat and her person that I have read in a long time. The relationship between the author and Tatianna is one of those soulmate relationships with an animal that come once in a lifetime. Tatianna, through her joyful spirit and unwavering courage, teaches the author about love, devotion and spiritual expansion. In addition to sharing her journey with Tatianna, the author provides well-researched information on how to live with and care for a cat with kidney disease. The book is a triumph of the spirit, both feline and human, and a testament to the truth that we are all eternal beings.

Ingrid King, award winning author of five cat books including Buckley’s Story: Lessons from a Feline Master Teacher and Purrs of Wisdom: Enlightenment, Feline Style


Tatianna carries us on a profound journey – one that contains all the best ingredients for learning, laughing, grieving, and growing through everything that makes us better people. In this delightful book we not only befriend Linda and her beloved Tatianna, but bring from the experience an enhanced understanding of love and respect for others. And that is just one aspect of this particular volume that makes it so special. The excellent writing takes the reader through all the emotions associated with animal care-giving, yes even the ‘Saying Good-bye’ part…but be assured there is much that will make you smile and laugh aloud as well.

Rita Reynolds, author of Blessing the Bridge: What Animals Teach Us About Death, Dying and Beyond and Ask the Cow: A Gentle Guide to Finding Peace


“Heart-felt” is the first word that springs to mind regarding Linda Mohr’s TATIANNA: TALES AND TEACHINGS OF MY FELINE FRIEND. Her writing is soulful and moving, and we come away from this book realizing that some connections do indeed transcend time and space — that in some cases, as with Mohr and Tatianna, the journey doesn’t end. Ever.

T.J. Banks, award winning author of Catsong and Sketch People:  Stories Along the Way

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