Category: Holidays

Happy Easter

  This antique Raphael Tuck & Sons Easter postcard was chromographed  in Bavaria in 1910. It is part of Artistic Easter Postcard Series with floral and rural setting,  Lilies and a cross are to the left and trees are to the right of road.  The unique card is beaded. Blessings! Linda

Happy Valentine’s Day

  I collect vintage valentines. This die-cut mechanical valentine was made in Germany.  A back lever moves the cat’s big green eyes and pink tongue. This whimsical valentine is from the 1930s. This sweet gray cat is a die-cut stand up valentine. The incredible blue eyes are captivating. The stand up legs fold out with the …

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A Happy New Year To You

    This Raphael Tuck & Sons, Limited greeting card is part of my private collection and was never posted or signed.  It was printed at the Fine Art Works in Saxony. Raphael Tuck and his wife started a business in 1866 in London selling pictures, greeting cards, and postcards. This New Year greeting card …

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