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Parkinson’s Identification Card

“No, I’m not intoxicated. I have Parkinson’s.” I have not had to convince anyone of this notion, but I have known of people who have. A Parkinson’s identification card can ease the situation and get help. If you see me wobbling, stumbling, or unable to stand, I am in a “wearing off” period before my …

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Creative Life of Poet with Parkinson’s

  The Positive Trade-Off Janice Rowan gave up her love of teaching preschool children due to the progression of Parkinson’s disease. She turned retirement from her 26-year passion to what she calls the positive trade-off—when one is prepared to work with and not against PD. In 2009, she noticed her handwriting getting smaller, and she …

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Brain Exercise and Parkinson’s

Did you exercise your brain today? What is something new you learned today? Up to 50% of people who have Parkinson’s disease will have some cognition change. Being slower in mental processing, having trouble multi-tasking and being forgetful are a few examples of this non-motor symptom. Mark Mapstone, PhD of University of California Irvine spoke …

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Dear Parkinson’s Membership Chair

Dear Parkinson’s Membership Chair, You have done it again! You have recruited another new member.   I did not intend to join this group. Isn’t one million people in the United States with Parkinson’s enough? On May 13, 2014, you officially notified me. Not you exactly. But I suspect you were lurking in the neurologist’s …

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Creative Life of Artist with Parkinson’s

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  Karen Bryson discovered her talent for art when she was four years old. She loved to draw and color she recalls. “It took me to another place. Art always, and still is, my happy place.” She grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania. She and her husband raised three children in Upstate New York. Living on …

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3-Year Timeline of Parkinson’s Signs

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. Soren Kierkegaard Danish philosopher (1813 – 1855) I embarked on a circuitous route for three years headed for an unknown destination. Only later would I understand a myriad of Parkinson’s signs. March 2011 A four-hour drive to a book  fair left me struggling …

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Neurology Exam Reveals Parkinson’s Diagnosis

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Some statements I will remember the rest of my life because they changed my life. Like the hospital call about my boyfriend—Mr. Kraft has taken a turn for the worse. Like my veterinarian’s call—You have a very sick kitty. Like my sister’s call about mother—She’s gone. Like my neurologist’s diagnosis—You have Parkinson’s. My first neurology …

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