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Kirk Gibson Challenges Parkinson’s

Since it is World Series week, I can’t pass up the chance to write about one of my great loves—baseball.  However, I am not writing about this year’s contenders, Los Angeles Dodgers or Boston Red Sox. But in a roundabout way, this relates to the Dodgers. Rewind to 1988 Kirk Gibson of the LA Dodgers …

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Managing Parkinson’s with White Space

 I vowed not to over schedule my days when I semi-retired in June of 2013. I wanted more white space on my calendar. A year later I discovered this was not only a sensible way for me to live, but the only way to live with Parkinson’s. Over Scheduled I left a demanding academic dean’s …

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Parkinson’s Identification Card

“No, I’m not intoxicated. I have Parkinson’s.” I have not had to convince anyone of this notion, but I have known of people who have. A Parkinson’s identification card can ease the situation and get help. If you see me wobbling, stumbling, or unable to stand, I am in a “wearing off” period before my …

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