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Dr. Michael Okun Parkinson’s Consultation

Traveling to Movement Disorder Specialist I was excited to be on a Sunday road trip on December 2, 2018, to Gainesville, Florida to meet Dr. Michael Okun, world-renowned  movement disorder specialist. In 2002, Dr. Okun and Dr. Kelly Foote formed the University of Florida Health Center for Movement Disorders & Neurorestoration to bring together experts …

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Preparing for First Visit with Movement Disorder Specialist

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I am responsible for preparing for first visit with my movement disorder specialist to help achieve successful results. According to the Davis Phinney Foundation, Every Victory Counts manual,  “being prepared for your medical visit is by far one of the most important and least performed self-care tasks.” The best advocate for my unique Parkinson’s care …

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Kirk Gibson Challenges Parkinson’s

Since it is World Series week, I can’t pass up the chance to write about one of my great loves—baseball.  However, I am not writing about this year’s contenders, Los Angeles Dodgers or Boston Red Sox. But in a roundabout way, this relates to the Dodgers. Rewind to 1988 Kirk Gibson of the LA Dodgers …

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Managing Parkinson’s with White Space

 I vowed not to over schedule my days when I semi-retired in June of 2013. I wanted more white space on my calendar. A year later I discovered this was not only a sensible way for me to live, but the only way to live with Parkinson’s. Over Scheduled I left a demanding academic dean’s …

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Parkinson’s Identification Card

“No, I’m not intoxicated. I have Parkinson’s.” I have not had to convince anyone of this notion, but I have known of people who have. A Parkinson’s identification card can ease the situation and get help. If you see me wobbling, stumbling, or unable to stand, I am in a “wearing off” period before my …

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