Message in a Baggie Love Story

May beauty always touch your life as beautifully as you have touched mine. ~Kenneth Kraft

“Whenever I spotted the message in a baggie, I flew down the stairs two or three steps at a time…..My heart fluttered, and my hands shook as I read Ken’s morning missive. Tears often dotted my face like rain drops beading on the baggie. One such tear-stained note”….Excerpt from Message in a Baggie.

I hope you had a special Valentine’s Day last week. Any day is the perfect day to show our appreciation and devotion to loved ones; that is why I am posting Message in a Baggie on February 19!

In 2016, I entered a love story contest and submitted Message in a Baggie. My true love short story can be read in less than three minutes by scrolling down to the third place winner at Past Loves.







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