Finding the Sunlight

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. ~ Helen Keller

Chauncey is a master at finding any ray of sunlight that streams into the house. Most cats are! This morning I paused as I passed through the living room. He was stretched out inside the front door in a rectangle of light that was just his size. His focus was on something other than me. I quickly headed upstairs to get my camera. How light reflects and refracts  fascinates me. The surprises that appear such as Chauncey’s silhouette on the floor or his face on the outside glass door cause me to smile.

The other interesting observation from this unscheduled photo shoot was I did not have time to change the surroundings and it did not matter. The first photo has three felines: Chauncey, a framed white cat and a white cat needlepoint pillow. In the end , it all worked out!

9-Year-Old Chauncey Boy Sees Himself

Thanks Chauncey. What a great way to start the day!



  1. Extemporaneous photos are the best! Always have your camera ready.

  2. Hi Bernadette, yes they are! I live in a tri-level house and feel like I need to “wear my camera”! I miss lots of great shots.

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