Aware in Care Parkinson’s Hospital Kit

I need my Parkinson’s medications ON TIME, EVERY TIME

According to the Parkinson’s Foundation, people with Parkinson’s disease (PD) are admitted to the hospital 50% more than their peers. Three out of four hospital patients with PD do not receive their medication on time. Therefore, they have a one in four chance of complications because of medication errors. The Parkinson’s Foundation launched the Aware in Care campaign in 2011 to help people with PD get the best care possible during a hospital stay.

I attended a Parkinson’s Foundation educational event in May and saw the Aware in Care Kit. One kit per PD patient is complimentary. My kit arrived recently. I hope I never need to use the kit. However, by being proactive and preparing the contents in the kit, my odds of getting the right care at the right time are increased.

Preparing Aware in Care Kit

Kit Contents

Medication Form:  List all your prescriptions and over-the counter medications for PD as well as any other medical conditions. Make five copies of the medication form and place the original and copies in the kit. Update the form whenever medication changes.

Medical Alert Card: Fill in the back of the card and place in wallet. This card includes important information for healthcare professionals including a list of medications that are not safe for PD patients.

Fact Sheet for Nurses: Place the fact sheet tablet in kit.

Precautions for Duopa or Deep Brain Stimulation: If you have a DBS device or use Duopa therapy, place the information card in kit.

Emergency Contacts:  Make a list of names, phone numbers, emails and addresses of your neurologist, movement disorder specialist, primary care physician, care partner and close family members. Place a copy in kit. Update as changes occur.

Health Care Proxy:  Work with an attorney to create a Health Care Proxy that complies with your state guidelines. This document identifies who is authorized to make medical decisions for you if you become incapacitated and unable to express yourself. Place a copy in kit.

Parkinson’s Medications: Keep an extra supply of all your current medications in their original bottles with your name and dosage on each label. A 48-hour supply is recommended. Place in kit. This step gives you peace of mind that you have everything you need if you have a medical emergency and have to grab the bag and go.

Parkinson’s ID Bracelet:  A stainless steel, hypoallergenic and waterproof  bracelet is in kit for you to wear. It alerts medical professionals  that you have PD and includes a Parkinson’s Foundation Helpline number.

After your kit is assembled, show the contents to your care partner as well as where kit is stored.

How to Get Kit

For more information or to order your complimentary kit, click here.



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