March 2019 archive

Learning to Write Again with Parkinson’s

I text and word process. However, technology has not replaced my need to occasionally sign my name on a check or to fill out a form in the doctor’s office. Neither has technology smothered my desire to send handwritten cards and letters to my friends and family. However, Parkinson’s has affected my ability to write …

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Digital Dog Portraits by Artist Donna Krenicki

“Lively” “Full of personality” “The eyes are looking right at me” “Amazing eyes captured so expertly” “Follows my movement with relentless gaze” These reactions reflect appreciation for Donna Krenicki’s artistic talent and innovative digital dog art. Donna grew up in Connecticut, and she has been creative since a child. Her father encouraged her to paint, …

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Safe or Out?

Safe or or Out? You make the call! I am a baseball loving gal who is fortunate to live ten miles from Roger Dean Chevolet Stadium in Jupiter, Florida. It is the spring training home for the Miami Marlins and the St. Louis Cardinals. March weather in Florida is glorious, and March 13 was a …

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Can You Read My Tiny Handwriting?

How is it possible I did not notice my tiny handwriting? That is, until one day in 2012 I tried to write big. When a colleague was running late, she asked me to write a note on the chalk board so students would wait for her. I was shocked when I discovered I could not …

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No Matter What

The women of the 1800s who went West in covered wagons and settled the frontier faced great hardship. Back-breaking, numbing work, hunger, thirst, Indian attacks, violence, extremes of weather. Perhaps most enervating of all were the summers when, day after day, the hot wind came whirling across the Plains blasting dust in their faces, their …

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Orange Tabby Cat Inspired Haiku

Snow blanket magic Tabby cat exploration Surprising sink holes Photo and Poem by Linda A. Mohr Originally Published in Winter laJoie 2017 Blessings! Linda