Great Courses Help Manage Parkinson’s

For thousands of years, tai chi and qigong have been studied together as the ultimate workout for body, mind, and soul. Quote and Photo Credit: The Great Courses

The Great Courses…World’s Greatest Professors at Your Fingertips is currently offering significant sales including up to 90% off some offerings.  Only the top 1 in 5000 college professors is chosen to be on the faculty. If the benefit of hundreds of lifelong learning courses  with no homework, no tests, and no grades plus a variety of delivery formats appeals to you, I recommend you take a peek at

Every January I receive their catalog mailing for February sales. This year I acted on making some selections that interest me from a Parkinson’s perspective. The courses do not mention PD, but the topics are relevant. They also reflect my 2019 theme—Simplicity of Self-Care. So here’s what I put in my shopping cart.

Photo Credit: The Great Courses

Essentials of Tai Chi and Qigong……master the art of moving meditation and improve your physical fitness and mental well-being.

Taught by David-Dorian Ross, International Master Tai Chi Instructor and includes 24 lectures, 30 minutes/lecture. Cost $25

I have had personal experience with tai chi improving my balance.  I am fortunate to have a weekly tai chi class less than 5 minutes from my house. It is an important part of my exercise program to manage PD.

Practicing Mindfulness: An Introduction to Meditation……explore the practices and benefits of meditation.

Photo Credit: The Great Courses

Taught by Professor of Religious Studies and Director of the Asian Studies Program Mark Muesse, Rhodes College and includes 24 lectures, 30 minutes/lecture. Cost $25

I have also had personal experience with meditation in my yoga class contributing to my physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Meditation is an important part of my tool box for managing Parkinson’s.

These courses along with manuals stream to my computer or apps. I also purchased a couple of other courses that relate to my creative side, but more about those another time.

I am eager to get started and will let you know the outcome.



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