To Be Sassy or Safe

When the temperature in Florida drops below 75 degrees, this boot lovin’ gal dreams of wearing her high heeled sassy boots! I stand in my closet and reminisce. Did I really wear these boots to work all day and then continue to teach a four-hour night class? Well, indeed I did! But that was pre-Parkinson’s and many years ago.

Shoe Selection Evolution

When I semi-retired in July, 2013, I stopped wearing high heels and opted for soft canvas shoes, flat sandals, and ballerina shoes. At first, I did not think I would ever learn to walk in flats. It was strange sensation walking so close to the ground. But I soon adjusted to “casual” and what was strange was occasionally wearing a low heeled shoe to a club meeting or dressy event! Therefore, one year later with a PD diagnosis,  I was primed for safety and comfortable over sexy and sassy. Slip-ons and zip-ups are now my best friends!

Time to Donate

This month we have had some temps in the 50s at night! I decided it was time to start letting go. I donated three pair of boots to one of my favorite thrift stores—St. Marks in Lake Park. I hope someone has as much fun wearing them as I did! In the meantime, I am better off staying closer to the ground.

How has your shoe style selection changed with Parkinson’s?





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