Double Take

Free range egg sign

Double Take

I do not claim to have perfected an art but to have commenced one, the limits of which it is not possible at present exactly to ascertain. ~ Henry Fox Talbot

I like photographing signs. During a stroll through the quintessential English village of Lacock, this door display stopped me. Free eggs. Really?? Pirate things-what’s that? A closer inspection of the weathered sign fastened to a bright red box and framed by a plant revealed clever marketing.

£1.20 per ½ dozen
Please put money through
Letter box Thank you!
Laid in Lacock!!

A pirate head eraser sits on top of a pencil. Assorted heads make up the collection for a 50 pence impulse purchase. Pirate erasers on pencils are sold on eBay and Amazon if you must have one for your next pirate theme party! Sure wish I still taught marketing! I’ll share this with a former colleague, Professor Jennifer McFarland! She will know what to do with it.

Later in the day I visited Lacock Abbey, the birthplace of photography. William Henry Fox Talbot who lived at Lacock Abbey captured the world’s first photographic negative in 1834. So thank you Mr. Talbot for making it possible for me to photograph a sign with many meanings right here in Lacock!

Photo Credit:  Linda A. Mohr

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